Transient analysis of switching circuit with variable load

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Dr. Ress Sándor László
Department of Electron Devices

Nowadays our electrical devices always contain some kind of semiconductor switching device, including field effect transistors, bipolar junction transistors and insulated-gate bipolar transistors. It is important to know the properties and switching characteristics of these devices so that we can find the device which fits an application the best. We must give special attention to field effect transistors since these devices can be driven with small energy inputs and large switching frequencies can be reached compared to bipolar junction devices. Based on the previous reasons and taking into account that these devices are available with very low on-state resistance we can use them for high speed and high efficiency applications which are obviously important.

For the above reasons I wrote a summary about the construction and operation of MOSFET devices including the switching waveforms. In this summary I also mentioned IGBTs since these semiconductor switching devices possess some of the beneficial qualities of MOSFETs.

After that I made simulations with resistive, resistive and inductive and also with resistive and capacitive loads.

Lastly I confirmed these simulations with measurements and based on the results I made some conclusions about methods which could help us avoid failures in certain applications.


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