Web Application for Administration of Semiconductor Laboratory Operations

OData support
Dr. Czirkos Zoltán
Department of Electron Devices

Nowadays more and more management systems are getting migrated to some kind of online interfaces. This is because these new systems are available from everywhere, everbody can access it with the right privileges, and the data is centralised.

My task was to create a web interface which supports the management of work stations, reservations, or samples for the Semiconductor Lab which is operating in the Q building of the Budapest University of Technology and Econonimcs. The goal was to make the job of people working in the lab easier. The application provides ways to reserve work stations, or to check the history of new and existing resources.

The application was written in PHP, but it also uses some other languages, like JavaScript, CSS, or HTML. I did not use any well-known framework, but I did use the help of some libraries, and also used Propel as my ORM tool. During the development I had the opportunity to learn modern web technologies and conventions.

In the first part of my thesis I detailed my planning directives, while in the second part I documented the actual implementation of the application, and the problems that occured.


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