Monitoring of elevator-lighting

OData support
Dr. Némethné Vidovszky Ágnes
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The „Monitoring of elevator-lighting” is a MSC degree thesis, which intent is to know and present the lightning and elevators standards, and then use the results of literature research to create a design guide. The work of elevator design engineers will be easier by this algorithm, and it presents a full of lightning design process. The reader get to know the basics definitions and requirements. The measurements was preceded by thorough preparation. I measured in real and operating elevators. The first half of the work is the collection and analysis of resources. The second half is the completion and evaluation of measurements. The third half is the biggest project when I make the guide.

This thesis is useful because, no one has ever monitored and evaluated difficulties of lifts and no one has provided lightning solutions for that special need. The elevator designers are not know lightning techniques, design steps and they and thus the conditions for the use of modern energy-saving led lighting. Summary, in the thesis, I present how choose the best light source in one special status.


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