Investigation on metal-semiconductor transition of metal-oxide layered structures

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Dr. Mizsei János
Department of Electron Devices

The topic of my thesis is the analisys of the Semiconductor-Metal Transition, and the properties of the vanadium-dioxide thin layers. The Semiconductor-Metal Transition allows to improve, or completly change the currently used CMOS based system to the SMT based Thermal-Electrical Logical Circuits (TELC). The scale-down of the CMOS based systems is almost reached its phisical border, the red brick wall, but the TELC based systems are capable to sustain the scale-down, because of their simple layout, they can be fabricated in smaller sizes. Through my work I will show you the produced samples and devices, and the measuring techniques to examine the resistance-temperature functions. I will presentate you the producing technologies of the silicone substrate based TELC systems and demonstrate it throught the devices I fabricated. I will make apperence of measurements os the resistance-temperature based functions of the devices, their functioning as a logic gate, and the results of the transient measurements. And based ont he previous, I am going to make conclusions.


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