Shape formatting of femtosecond impulses

OData support
Dr. Horváth Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The subject of this thesis is to provide an insight corresponding to the main development process at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics Department of Atomic Physics in the field of femtosecond laser applications. The main topics are the aspects of designing, manufacturing and operation of acoustooptic devices in femtosecond pulse shaping applications. To provide the Reader a glimpse of the field, the basic physical processes behind the acoustooptic effects are being analyzed, for instance the phenomena of light traveling through a perturbed refractive index material and the main issues with generating a proper acoustic excitation. The classification and current manufacturing processes of such devices are being discussed along with newly developed techniques to enhance their weak spots. The description of an electronic thermostat built to aid the experiments leading to our conclusions about the critical issues of manufacturing is given. Our successful femtosecond pulse shaping approach utilizing acoustooptic devices is presented.


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