Modeling ferromagnetic hysteresis in the finite element method, and its application to nondestructive material testing

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Dr. Gyimóthy Szabolcs
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

Structural elements made of ferromagnetic material are used in many areas of industry.

Regular, nondestructive inspection of these elements is a very important task, from both financial and safety aspects.

There is a method which aims the nondestructive investigation of ferromagnetic structural material, by using the systematic measurement and evaluation of magnetic hysteresis minor loops.

It is based on the theoretical Preisach model of magnetic hysteresis phenomenon, and this technique has been successfully applied in many cases for detection of structural changes of ferromagnetic materials.

In the previous work the characteristics of the distribution of magnetic field inside the samples to be measured was not taken into account, although this is very important for the proper evaluation of measured data.

In my thesis I present a numerical simulation process that is implemented by myself.

This program is able to solve magnetic field problem with non-linear histeresis material.

The behavior of the simulation program is presented by a simple problem.

I simulated the nondestructive measuring arrangement by my program. The results of this simulation are presented in my thesis.


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