S7-300 PLC based control of Festo MPS stations

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Katona László Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The topic of this thesis is the analysis of a modular manufacturing system with special attention to the design of the controller, the writing process of the program of the controller as well as testing it. The production line is composed with MPS – Modu-lar Production System- stations manufactured by a company called FESTO. This com-pany provides solutions from basic educational packages to complex production lines.

As a part of the task, human-machine interface had to be established and with the help of it the manual actuation of the process had to be programed, which is needed in case of a dis-function. HMI panels were designed for exactly this reason.

The manufacturing line can be found in Liska József Secondary Technical School in Jászberény where they use it with educational purposes. My task was the automation of this manufacturing process with a detailed description and documentation.

The realization of this program is particularly important in order to show students how to solve such a complex problem with the help of a single PLC. The aim of my work is to provide a solid basis for further expansion. Students taking part in the voca-tional training can practice using the new devices purchased during this expansion and they can learn how a complex manufacturing process works.

In my thesis I am delineating the stations of a modular manufacture line, the elec-tric, pneumatic, and electropneumatic parts constructing them, as well as the chosen PLC and the devices communicating with it. Furthermore, I am writing about the tasks to do, the program, which controls the system and the possible modules we can use with this kind of PLC.


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