DSP based control of a Buck DC-DC converter

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Dr. Balogh Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The topic of my master thesis is creating a DSP controlled DC-DC buck converter. I present all the steps of the designing process from defining the specification to the implementation of the controller algorithm.

The first chapter is a short overview of the topic.

In the second chapter I describe the objective of the thesis and present the specification of device to be implemented.

The third chapter is about calculation of the main parts of the buck circuit and choosing the semiconductors.

In the fourth chapter I overview the process of composing the schematic of the device.

The fifth chapter is about the designing of the printed circuit board which is the base of the device.

In the sixth chapter I show the steps of assembling and ranging the device.

The seventh chapter is about the software of the swicthing mode power supply. I overview the features of the chosen digital signal processor and I describe the controller algorithm which is implemented.

Finally I evalute the work I have done and describe some improvement possibilities.


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