Analysis and optimalisation of control software for voltage regulator testbench

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Dr. Tóth Csaba
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays, different kind of investigations and tests constitute a huge part of automotive development and production processes. These tests are very important and indispensable in many ways, but the main aspect is always the reliable functioning regarding the various operational conditions.

As the development of each unit requires a considerable number of tests, these increase the costs of the end-product and the development time significantly. In order to decrease costs, it is important to automatize the tests, increase their execution speed. This is the main focus of the production plants.

This thesis takes a closer look on a test system used by alternator regulators at Robert BOSCH Kft., and it will be reviewed the set-up of this system. It will be shortly presented the voltage regulators which represents the device under test as well as the regulators’ simulation environment laboratory setup and the used measurement and test equipment.

It will be analyzed the operation of the control software and its different components. It will be searched for alternatives of software optimization in which the main objective is to facilitate the work of test engineers using this program.

After the review of the possibilities I’ll design the implementation of the concept chosen by the company.

Based on the user requirements, it will be defined the functions to be implemented, it will be collected the necessary knowledge and based on these, it will be made an implementation plan. After then, it will be defined the steps of implementation processes and the major milestones.

In conclusion, it will be presented the advantages and disadvantages of the planned modifications, in comparison with the initially used system.


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