Analyzing voltage profile of MV and LV distribution grid considering network asymmetry and distributed generation

OData support
Prikler László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis I compared two network analysis softwares in low-voltage environment. The first one was the Power World that allows completely symmetric network, for example transmission network. Especially this is suitable for test of medium and high voltage networks. In my thesis I used another program, ATPDraw which is one member of the EMTP-ATP “family”. This program takes into consideration network asymmetry, for example unequal consumer loads on the distribution network.

Employees of ELMŰ Network Ltd. helped me to select low-voltage line and cabel consumer area. I created district models in both of software and performed calculations by it. I compared the programs and I made voltage correspondence analysis in high-load condition. I did several tests on this topic when household size small power plant connected and unconnected to the transformer district. As far as the possibilities of program allowed I dealt with voltage and current measurement after melting state of fuse as well.


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