Movie Recommender Portal Using the HintMe Recommender Engine

OData support
Szabó Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

There are plenty of websites on the internet, where one can find movies, tv series

and other cultural and entertainment materials. Most of these are just an user interface

build above a simple database, where only the simplest browsing features are available.

However sometimes the users need some help, what shows they should watch.

There are lots of occasions where users ask the question (e.g.: during a party): what should

i/we watch? I would like to provide a solution for that question.

As a thesis project, this software will be capable of give the users a movie and

show browsing experience as well as suggestions on what to watch next by the ratings

the users gave.

During the use of this hinting system, one can filter tv shows, movies, genres, or

obtain suggestions based on various critera. This way we can obtain useful information,

which could not be a trivial task to find on the internet..

The system has a huge potential on new development possibilities: suggestions

between users, commenting and some other communication methods, creating and

sharing favourites lists.


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