Motion picture sound production from an engineer's perspective

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Dr. Márki Ferenc
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In the past years I have taken interest in audio engineering, more specifically in production sound recording for motion pictures. This field is exciting for me because it not only requires carrying out technical tasks, for example, operating audio devices and setting up the audio systems but also the aesthetic features need to be considered as the final product of the technological process will be a work of art.

As a student of electrical engineering, I have always been interested in the operation of the devices I use every day, and also in the technical and scientific background of techniques and technologies. Therefore, my aim was to dive into and examine the above subject in my thesis using the methodologies I familiarized myself during my studies.

Besides literature review, I examined the different types of microphones by measuring their frequency response and pickup pattern along with the effects of windshields and the various types of radio microphone systems. I demonstrated how the devices establish a system by designing one of my own.

While I was working on my thesis, I became familiar with the process of motion picture sound production and also with the technical solutions behind it which helps me make reasonable decisions and become a better working professional.


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