Development of firmware loader application for various processors

OData support
Dr. Orosz György
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In this thesis, I present a possibility for the firmware upgrade of embedded systems. I

explain the motivation for firmware upgrade, what practical benefits does it come with,

then I introduce the requirements for the firmware loader software. Based on that I have

chosen a software development kit that supports the most of the firmware loader's

features, review its properties, and I emphasize its features, which were most helpful

during the development. Then I go into details about the PC side software plan of the

firmware loader, I unravel its modules, and the function of its modules. After that I start

to explain the embedded side software plan of the firmware loader. I differentiate

between the modules according to their portability. I show the functions of these

modules, and the underlying operations. I present the hardware used for the testing of

the firmware loader: an ATmega 128 microcontroller and a Blackfin 537 DSP. Then I

show test results. Last, but not least, I summarize the my work, and suggest a few

directions of improvement.


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