Analyzing OPerational EXpense (OPEX) of fixed and mobile access networks

OData support
Dr. Mitcsenkov Attila Demeter
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

When the need for creating a new access network arises, the first step is planning: accurate cost analyzes are being made on the investment, from the design to handover, the final cost can be calculated in advance with a relatively good approximation, thus investors cannot be surprised. After all, however, obviously the question may arise, how much will the planned accessible operation of the network costs?

It is an ambiguous task to define the cost factors that are involved in the operation. The more networks, the more constructions that may become operational, also the investment costs may be mixed with the operating costs – in this study, first I’m trying to point this out and recommend an integrated method, where the tested, fixed and mobile access networks are possibly contain the same elements.

In addition to the general description of the access networks, I am going to inspect the impact of the operating costs of the specific features of each technology. A presentation of the equipment, located in the network architecture will close the topic of the above discussed fix and mobile access network.

A cost-database for every single tested access network is an integral part of the study, where the cost-items are all listed. Furthermore, the database also contains concrete values by the result of a data collection. The operating cost will be calculated based on these cost-databases.

An examination of each access network technologies, and cost after compiling a comprehensive database, operating cost analysis tool made. In this paper, I demonstrate the results by using the tool. By the mean of case studies, the estimated operating costs are being described and analyzed and ultimately I separately compare the fixed and mobile access networks. The closure of the paper is a brief dissertation on the fix-mobile convergence, its possibilities and advantages.


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