Estimation and comparison of fixed and mobile access network deployment

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Dr. Mitcsenkov Attila Demeter
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics


The spread and development of the different fixed and mobile access networks basically is an economic question. This is why it is essential to estimate the expenses of the deployment of networks which were established by different technologies in order to make the adequate decision.

The decision makers have to consider that the establishment of the networks have different expenses in different geotypes (dense urban, urban, rural).

The aim of this thesis is to determine the expenses of deployment of the modern access network technologies in these different geotypes. In order to determine these expenses it is necessary to estimate the measurement of the network. For the wired networks the applicable method is the geometrical and for the wireless networks one should use the physical model. The expenses should be divided into two categories: the first one is the cost of the equipment and the other is the cost of fibre and trenching.

The correct method to estimate the various expenses of deployment of different technologies is to combine the estimations for measurement with the expense database in different geotypes. After these estimations one can compare and contrast the technologies and can make the necessary conclusions.

These estimations lighten that which one is the most economical technology in the different geotypes. Apart from this one can make conclusions regarding the technologies which section has the decisive influence on the amount of expenses.


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