Automated installation of fixed focal length lenses to an ITS camera

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Dr. Stumpf Péter Pál
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Traffic monitoring cameras are getting more and more popular and more widely spread around the world as the networks of Intelligent Transportation Systems are gradually enhanced. The same trend can be experienced in Hungary, as well, as the number of fixed vehicle speed measuring cameras has increased during the past years. To keep up with the pace of this growth, the manufacturers of ITS devices – who still have not done that – may decide to switch from handmade assembly of the devices to automated assembly lines, thus decreasing costs in the long run, and increasing productivity.

The topic of my final project is the design of such a device, that contributes to the automated assembly of an ITS camera manufactured by ARH Inc.. It must be capable of installing fixed focal length lenses into the image processing block of a camera, while simultaneously setting the focus to a desired value automatically. The steps of the design are described in this document, starting with showcasing the specific camera and defining the tasks of the device, then the features of the different parts are prescribed to aid the mechanical design, which follows that section. The issues raised during the design of some parts are also mentioned while detailing the mechanical design steps of the relevant element. Finally, the tests of the part that grabs the lenses are described to give an ending to the design.

Considering the future existence of this device, it might not be needed for the assembly of future products, as there are plans (at least at ARH) for replacing fixed focal length lenses with those, that are adjusted by a built-in drive. However, until then, this lens assembling and focus adjusting device should serve the demands well.


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