Physics engine based car arcade game on Android platform

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics


The smart phones are extremely popular. They have become dominant part of our lives. Due to their versatility they satisfy our needs, for example using for e-mail, social networks, browsing, downloading games and applications. People may have a constant connection with their friends, and they can learn about the World news from first-hand.

The devices are evolving very much in terms of hardware investment. They have more facilities because of the growning CPU, GPU, and RAM. Users may feel like that they have a small computer for anywhere and anytime.

Developers recognised the advantage of hardwers, so they can develope applications with more needs of computing, and great graphics. The physical engines means the biggest opportunity for the developers. The appropriate using of an engine means endless possibilities for the developers.

In my thesis I investigate the physical engines for Android platform. I expound some of theese, and finally I choose one, that I am going to put into practice. It will be an physics engine based car arcade game. Than I am going to study the choosed physical engine, examine the structure and I am going to introduce the basics of using. Next, I am going to complete the application with a server-side support, which needs to the multiplayer mod. I study and expound the available cloud services for the mobil devices. Than I am going to implement one to my application. I test the game’s running performance on two different devices and I represent the result on a diagram. I illustrate the most important informations of the game with pictures, so the average users can use it easy way.


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