Physics Engine based Game Development on Android Platform

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Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays cell phones are a vital part of our lifestyle. Mobile phone applications are a huge help in our everyday life, just think of a simple night lamp application that can help finding your keys in the dark. Another big and popular section of the phone usage is mobile games. According to a report created in 2014, cell phone users spend more than two hours playing games on a regular day, which is about 50 percent more compared to the result of the year 2012 [1].

The rapid development of the mobile phone’s capabilities makes it possible to create more and more complex games. As a developer, using frameworks and physics engines can be a big help. With those, developers can use different function libraries to solve common tasks of game development such as creating the physics world or simulating the forces between the physics objects.

In the semester my task was to develop and implement a physics engine based bridge constructor mobile phone game to Android platform. During my work I learnt a lot about the platform and the chosen framework, and I tried to utilize the abilites of it as widely as possible.


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