Physical object detection and marker placement with HoloLens

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The 4th industrial revolution is about producing unique and small series items. The most expensive steps of the production and the maintenance are those which only can be solved by human intervention. The large number of product variations makes it difficult, the chance of error is significant and the look for the expected state takes a long time.

Quality control, fault reporting, maintenance and post-production processes get ready in different times, so the placement of error markers must be as accurate as possible while meeting the requirements of efficient work.

We meet with object-related information in many places. For example at home in the home device’s user manual can be found object-related information. The indirection, when first the user searches in the user manual then searches on the device, acceptable at home, but in the Industry 4.0 it doesn’t.

After the short exposition of Industry 4.0 the thesis focuses such technologies and devices, which are able to visualize intuitive object-related information. Furthermore it’ll be presented which currently available technologies and research results are required to display object-related information.

The designed prototype can give an example for how can we put the quality controller’s tasks in to the environment of Industry 4.0 . In addition it’ll be presented an own format which can store system independent object-related information.


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