Real-time visualization of physical simulation data

OData support
Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Physical simulations were always an important field in computing technology.

Initially, the simulation results were printed out on paper,

but the evolution of computer hardware made

it feasible to render the simulations in real time.

The aim of the thesis is to load and

render simulation data in real time from two file extensions

using OpenGL.

The first file format is prt,

which was created for storing compressed particle data.

The files intended for rendering

are storing the output of a particle based snow simulation.

The second format is vtp,

which is able to store both particle and triangle-mesh data.

During the rendering of prt files,

an additional goal was to increase the number of particles

without relinquishing real time speed.

I developed two applications for the two file formats.

In the process,

I have grown familiar with the modern OpenGL,

and with popular tools helping to create a graphical application.

After a short introduction,

the thesis begins with the

description of the two file formats used for physical simulations.

After that,

the two applications are described covering the graphical user interface,

the libraries used for developing, and the implementation details.


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