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Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, the elements of an interactive program have to live up to the expectations of the real users, sitting in front of the screen. That means these elements must look as real as possible. A golf ball in a golf-game must move and looks like a real ball, and dominos must fall as if they were pulled down by gravity.

Beside many precise physical simulation systems that are used by industry we can also find different software’s, physical motors free to download. Development of this software’s is often sorted out by involving user communities, bolstering the development of an application based on a certain physical motor. Since there are easy-to-use image editors, video editors, and web page designer programs, users demand to have easy to use software’s to design their own physical simulations. The solution is the physics scene framework discussed by this essay.

Of course it is a long way to create a program like this. First of all, basic physics studies have to be revived. We have to understand, how to build up the real world in a computer generated space. It is necessary, because in the next step we want to rate free to download physical frameworks by their capabilities, then we would like to choose best that matches our objectives. This is where real work starts. The capabilities of the chosen physical framework have to be completely understood, as the new application has to have adequate functionality.

After that comes the development of our new application. During the developmental stages we have to try to design the structure of the software as easy and efficient as possible in order to guarantee further development. In the name of all these principles, the new software is built on a Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation technology. The design the program follows MVVM design pattern.

This essay is about the steps mentioned above, including the introduction to the ready-to-use designing tool.


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