Development of a Physically Plausible Game Engine

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Dr. Szirmay-Kalos László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Relatively precise real-time physical simulation is essential in today’s action games. Physical engines have been developed that add a lot of spectacular effects to games. With their help we can do the simulation of rigid and soft bodies, clothes and fluids in real-time.

The most spectacular form of rigid body simulation is the so called ragdoll effect, when a character in the game loses control over its body after death, and begins to collapse to the ground. Early video games used manually-created animations for the death sequences. Later with the increased power of computers, it became possible to do the physics simulation in real-time.

Today developers can choose from a wide range of libraries for the physics computation. The topic of this thesis is the development of a game engine with the help of the NVIDIA PhysX engine. Using this engine we can simulate the physics of the game and its functionality can be the basis of the game logic – for example, we can use triggers, ray casting techniques and event managers.


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