Tracking physiological, psychological status change by voice analysis

OData support
Dr. Vicsi Klára
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In my paper, I examine the changes in speech and tone of voice of individuals who work and live an everyday life by making them read a given text. This is a field of study with a little information about. Through our life, a large amount of factors (mood, tiredness, stress) can affect our speech. The aim of my work is to examine the impact of these factors on people’s speech, and the creation of such database that can be considered as a useful reference for later research in order to compare results.

For my research, I was recording audio-records for three months with the help of ten volunteers. The individuals involved in the research were reading a phonetically balanced text twice a week. In my paper, after the overview of the related literature, I present the procedure of the database generation. I phonetically labelled and segmented the records. After the extraction of the acoustic parameters, I evaluated the results of my study.

I present the results in the second part of my dissertation. Through their evaluation, I investigate the effects of physiological and psychological changes on the speaking of the individuals. The other important aspect of my research is to present the connection between changes of the individual’s achievement and the examined acoustic parameters.


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