Phisycs modelling and control for the Playstation Move

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Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Thanks to the increasing popularity of computer games, more and more of them can be found in computer shops. Their main goal is to win the customers over through fascinating technological innovations that push the barrier between fantasy and reality to the limit. That consequently means that it costs a lot of money and time for developers to produce a game that satisfies the high quality standards and expectations of their customers.

Thanks to its motion controls, the PlayStation Move is able to increase the immersion and the game experience as the player can control different aspects of the game with just their own movements and thus they essentially become one with the game.

During the writing of my thesis I familiarized myself with the techniques and basics of game developing that are necessary to develop a game in which real life physics and real life physical modeling is in the focus. What made working with the PlayStation Move controller even more challenging is the fact that due to the newness of the PlayStation Move technology and consequently its controller, there are not many information about it that is easily accessible. The project was even more difficult due to the fact that we could not use a ready-made engine for the software; we had to make our own which required a lot of research and reading.

It took us two semesters to finish the game in which the player’s goal is to defend our hero from enemy by moving their swords; using the PlayStation Move controller in real life; in position to deflect the attacks.

My job in the project was to develop the part of the game engine that is responsible for the control and for the simulation of real-life physics and to fill this system with content once it was done (e.g. the making of the terrain or the interaction between the entities found in the game).

In my opinion, as time progresses and developers become more and more comfortable with the PlayStation Move, there will be more sophisticated applications developed that can fully take advantage of the possibilities this platform offers. I hope that my work will help those who want to start working on this same field of expertise.


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