Implementation of FlexRay based test automation system

OData support
Futó András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the creating of automated test-systems plays a significant role in order to keep the short deadlines for development and to reduce possible human faults that may occur in the case of accelerated development processes. The topic of my thesis was to create an application based on .NET framework, that is able to support the automated testing of software components using FlexRay communication protocol.

In my thesis I present the basics of FlexRay protocol and the basic testing requirements belonging to it. I describe the occuring problem, as well as the completed application that is the solution for it.

As for my task, I created the application based on WPF technology that is able to process the bus-description files belonging to FlexRay protocol and to represent more manageable and more transparent. The application can generate files supporting test-automation on the basis of processing data. To this, external template files are used and the contents of which are read, translated and done during the generating in running time. The concept implemented in this way makes the dymanic development of application by users possible.


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