FlexRay-Ethernet Gateway

OData support
Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In the recent few decades cars become very intelligent by the several microcomputer based devices implanted in them ranging from engine control to high end multimedia support. By the rising level of complexity the requirement of computation and faster data flow among those devices were also increasing. The need for Real-Time reaction for events has also appeared. For many years CAN and LIN networks proved to be enough to fulfill these requirements but now they are on the edge of their capabilities. Therefore a consortium founded by leading automotive development companies created the FlexRay standard which can provide solution for many problematic issues that came up recently.

A FlexRay protocol analyzer and the related software can cost considerably much while Ethernet based ones are cheap as they are widespread. That was the main inspiration of developing a relatively cheap gateway device between those two networks. The Thesis contains the detailed process of the development of a working FlexRay-Ethernet gateway hardware as well as the design of the firmware supporting the main functionalities.

The first few chapters describe the main concept of CAN, LIN and FlexRay networks. The next part contains the detailed specification and the logical hardware design followed by the choice of microcontroller architecture and other significant modules and spare parts like power supply circuits and transceivers. After that the Thesis gives an overview of the schematic of circuit then the PCB design which realizes it.

The next parts contain the design of the firmware architecture. The description of software layers guides through the introduction of available drivers and libraries for FlexRay and Ethernet handling. This part is followed by the realization of the complete gateway functionality. The last chapter after the summary gives some idea of future applications.


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