FlexRay-USB Gateway

OData support
Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In the automobiles multiple communication networks operate. Typically CAN is the backbone network and LIN works as the subnetwork of CAN for the simpler ECUs. However, recently, demand raised which can not be satisfied with the system currently in use. These needs are collectively called the "x-by-wire", where "x" means "drive" or "steer" or "brake". The aim is to replace the mechanical control systems with electronic solutions. These tasks require a very high level of safety of the communication channel. In response to this challenge, the FlexRay standard was born, which is a highly reliable, time-controlled, redundant and relatively fast network.

The observation of the nodes connecting to the FlexRay network is essential in order to verify their operation. This is also important from the point of diagnostics.There are available complete equipment that can offer software environment for observation. They can be connected to a FlexRay network, and there they behave like a normal node. Their other side is connected to a computer usually via USB port. The goal is the preparation of a similar instrument and a computer software which is presenting the operation.


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