Development of a flexible RF communication modul

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Dr. Kollár Zsolt
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The ISM band is used by a great variety of devices nowadays, so by using any wireless communication protocoll in this band ineterference must be taken into consideration. The level of interference is not constant in the whole band so the reliability of the communication can be enhanced with a module which can dynamically change it's transmission frequency. The change of the frequency happens, if certain properties of the communication - data rate, error rate - are not adequate or the whole communication has ceased working. The change among frequencies can be achieved with a communication module that consist of two separate RF devices, using different frequency bands or even different communication protocols.

The topic of my thesis is the development of such an addaptive communication module using a Bluetooth module and an 868 MHz RF communication module. To develop the communication module, first I need to get acquainted with the theory of the modulations used by the Bluetooth module and the RF module. The following step is the design and the completion of a prototype. Then I need to configure the RF devices and implement the software responsible for controlling the devices and the communication. As a final step the prototype must be tested and the important parameters must be measured.


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