Development of a flexible location server platform together with a demonstration client

OData support
Dr. Szabó Róbert
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The goal of my thesis was to create an application which could be used by anyone to create location-based services, which other users of the application could subscribe to. During the semester, I built a web service and a mobile application. Visitors of the site could create their own services, or could connect to the services created by other users.

The system supports creating flexible, location-based services via a user-friendly interface. Users could access the services by sharing the geographic location via the application running on their smartphones. An easy-to-use application programming interface (API) was also written. The application is a C2C (customer to customer) service, which allows users to communicate with each other and share what is created. The thesis also includes a demonstration application, which can check whether the students of a subject are present. The mobile application component was written for phones running Android OS and the webapplication was made with using ASP.NET MVC.


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