Supporting visual inspection of printed circuit boards using tablet computers

OData support
Marosy Gábor Elemér
Department of Electron Devices

Nowadays, one of the fastest growing sectors of the industry is the electronics. We are on the way to automatize every possible personal and industrial device or process with a kind of electronic machines. In addition we want to expand the functions of the current electronic devices, even reduce their size, while increasing the capacity of the production. With such a high degree of development, reliability and quality of the manufactured products are essential to establish a positive image of the company and thus achieve improves competitiveness. To do this, every successful company needs precise quality assurance and effective quality control system.

In this thesis, I'm going to introduce a kind of electronic manufacturing quality control support system on behalf of a company. It is based on a tablet computer with software written by me, and a pedal as peripheral. The system requires human resources, who inspect the product visually, searching the imperfections on the product and as a guide or bug report use the tablet and the software that runs on it.

I hope that this system can effectively filter out the wrong items, so we can improve the efficiency of the production and reduce the chance of bad feedbacks through the customers.


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