Accuracy of flickermeter due to time varying harmonics

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Dr. Dán András
Department of Electric Power Engineering

This thesis discusses the response of the standard flickermeter to harmonic voltage pollution. Results of different papers on flicker phenomenon caused by harmonic pollution and their effect on flickermeter response are discussed. Results of laboratory measurements are compared with results of a simulation performed on a digital model, different errors and uncertainities are analyzed, as well as their possible solutions are proposed. During laboratory measurements and simulation, effects of only 3rd and 5th harmonics are discussed, however, the construction of the model allows to analyze any chosen frequencies to help futher research. The flickermeter function is also a subject of analysis, its accuracy is evaluated according to its response to presence of harmonics. According to this function, a digital Simulink-based flickermeter modell is considered, which can be a base for further analysis of flickermeter accuracy. Proposals are given according to the recognized errors and limitations.


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