Development of a web application for floorball statistics

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

Sport is part of our everydays. Most of us do it as a hobby, but we watch professional sport championships on TV, or follow them on the Internet. Those, who are really interested in a specific sport or a particular match, can enjoy it the most when they are up-to-date regarding the participants and the current conditions. To get these information they can retrieve it from a database that contains statistical data.

The purpose of this degree is to create such a database, specialized for floorball, because currently the Hungarian floorball community does not have a database like this, so neither the team leaders, nor the trainers or the spectators have statistical information about their favorite sport.

First I had to make an overview of the current situation, then I thought through what I wanted to see if I were a visitor of the site. I realized that from the visitors’ point of view the most important thing is a simple, easy-to-understand, easy-to-use site design. To continue I studied the most common database models, and chose the most suitable one. In the next step I designed the database itself, where I decided to use the waterfall-model during the development phase, as well as complying with the MVC model throughout the whole development period. Then I designed the user interface, the necessary tables and relations.

After defining the goals, and the development strategy and the principles I started the actual coding, which I did in HTML, PHP, HTML-embedded PHP, and SQL. A significant part of the work was the testing and validating of the functions.


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