Fleet tracking and logistics web services

OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Transportation and freight forwarding industry is developing extremely fast these days, including transportation up on land, air or water. In fierce market competition all companies are in constant need of development and implementation of new inventions in order to be able to keep or gain economic advantage.

As it has already happened at most of the industries, the information science and technology invaded to the field of freight forwarding and many types of software support the continuous and high quality services. These softwares include the fleet tracking technology, which is essential of the short and long term planning as well as the economical and safe operation.

With the help of fleet tracking system all the vehicles of a fleet can be easily tracked and managed due to the teal-time data provision, which indicates information about vehicle, driver, route or freight for the user. Although different vehicles can have different tracking device, managing each of these vehicle needs its own tracking system and service which makes the integrated fleet management complicated and difficult.

For this matter, in my thesis I propose a solution, introduce the designed and implemented system. My web service is able to process data from different GPS providers and also makes it possible to handle vehicles on a unified interface regardless of the original system. I introduce the server side component of my service, describe the communication with the GPS provider and also present the administration interface where users are able to manage their fleet. Finally I make a suggestion about a useful application programming interface, what would provide tracking data in a unified format and leads to create fleet tracking services rather easier.


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