Extending the fleet management application to mobile platform with SAP HCP SDK for iOS

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In our fast-moving world, our main aim is the best usage of technology and optimizing our everyday duties with its help. During work we also have to concentrate on some short periodic or occasional, mostly administrative things beside our specified functions. These task could be for example logging our home office activities, writing an application or – as my situation says – logging the kilometer value of the company cars.

During my work, at first, I met the current webservice as well, its physical and logical structure. I also got to know the Eclipse development environment and the Java language. Moreover, I observed the world of REST APIs’, then with this knowledge I made one, too, which is implementing initially three and then four methods.

In the following period, the investigation was in the world of iOS, where at first I tried to see through the components and the usage of the old and new mobile SDKs. Beside that it was also necessary to learn the Swift language and I met another new development environment, the Xcode.

Before I started implementing the application, I tried to catch up on some basic things in connection with iOS apps, like design for simplicity or the fragmentation and also transparency of functionalities. After finishing the plans I tried to put them in practice, according to the most commonly used method, the MVC paradigm. An important part of the application is the usage of the REST API I made, calling its methods within the application, and also security. I read some techniques that are commonly used in mobile applications, but I mainly tried to find out the way how to authenticate with certificates. Unfortunately, this is cannot be implemented in my application, so I needed to do it in an other way.

After the implementation I also tested the application, so I got to know to unit and UI testing, as well. With the help of the new knowledge I also wrote some unit tests and one automated UI test. Their results are detailed at the end of the thesis.


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