Support for fleet optimization problems

OData support
Dr. Gönczy László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The goal of the following thesis is the design and development of a fleet optimization support system for a previously implemented fleet optimization solution. It’s providing several user-specific functionality in a multiplatform integrated system. The thesis tasks also include a general description of a fleet optimization problem and the characteristics of the participating systems, its properties, and the possibilities of its integration.

The solution is designed to support a company, who has the truck fleet scheduling and routing between geographical points as its main activity. The company’s goal is the delivery of various goods by optimizing cost-effectiveness.

The system is implemented to support two types of users: the truck driver user who is driving the vehicle involved in the fleet optimization and dispatcher (or router) user who is executing a fleet route planning, management and analysis tasks within the company's headquarters.

The dispatcher users will be able to do efficient and fast route optimization and calculation based on the company's ERP system data, while the driver user using this data and his mobile device will be able to retrieve and visualize the calculated route plan, report the completeness of delivery, locally recalculate his own routing and report work aversion in case of any problem.

It is important to note that the system implemented by me is highly customizable, and it can be easily extended with additional functionality because of the design of system components and the integration method.

Another important aspect is that the solution is not limited to the truck fleet planning, since any system can use it, which has the following characteristics: transportation some physical thing by using resources between points in a geographic network. In case of the change of circumstances, the optimization can be rerun at any time quickly, providing always current planning data to the users, so the solution can be used by smaller real-time systems also.

So this integrated system implemented by me is able to support the potential users of my previously implemented fleet optimization solution. The driver and the dispatcher users were given an extensive functionality, which makes their daily work more efficient, so it makes their company’s business more agile, which creates the possibility of the faster response to market demands.


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