Integration of FlowVisor in an open source network management system

OData support
Dr. Sonkoly Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The OpenFlow recommendation gives an opportunity for researchers which could help testing innovative ideas and new network protocols. The architecture of OpenFlow has many advantages that help researching routing mechanism and developing network components. The FlowVisor is a network component that is capable to virtualize OpenFlow-based networks, divide them into sub networks and handle them separately. However the FlowVisor is a completely new implementation in network virtualization so there are only a few tools available for researchers to configure and monitor this network component. In my thesis I am working on a solution for this problem.

The topic of my thesis is to facilitate the process of configuration and management of the FlowVisor by integrating it with an open source network management system. In this solution I display the configuration parameters through a graphical interface so we can quickly get a picture of the system’s current status. With this solution we can accelerate the configuration of the FlowVisor and also query the statistics of the messages passing through.

The first step in solving my task is to find a suitable network management system. I choose the OpenNMS, because it is a versatile management system and allows for the extension. The next step is to find the suitable point for the connection between the two systems. I choose the XML-RPC protocol for data exchange, because it is already implemented in the FlowVisor and it is a completely appropriate solution for the communication task. In the OpenNMS I design a Java class that is responsible for the control of the communication between systems. For this purpose I use in my Java class the Apache XmlRpc implementation. After then I design a graphical interface in JSP language that is responsible for the interaction between users and my Java based background logic. After implementing everything I test the implementation in a software based network and in a real network that I build from OpenFlow-based switches. The test results clearly show that the FlowVisor can be configured faster using the created graphical interface, so we don’t have to bother with tools that only accessible from command line.


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