Performance analysis of FlowVisor-based network virtualization in OpenFlow

OData support
Dr. Sonkoly Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The infocommunication systems and networks are part of the nationwide infrastructure. It is not an easy task to design and to reliably maintain these systems. Additionally there are critical systems, for example a hospital or a train service, where even just a short outage of the service can have serious consequences. There are multiple motivations of using virtualization techniques: cost sparring, the simplification of maintenance, the creation of a flexibel infrastructure and with that the decrease of device shutdown time. Another motivations are reducing required space and the energy savings. We can also enhance scalability and reliability. The goal of my work is to present a Flowvisor-based virtualization network technology in the OpenFlow environment. First I present theoretical knowledge on this topic, what we need to know about virtualization technologies and the OpenFlow architecture. In the next chapter I present the laboratory infrastructure in which I took part in designing and building. After that I describe designing of the scenarios. I planned and built multiple layouts which I used in later analysis and measurement. In the following chapter I present how to configure the devices and how to build the scenarios I described earlier and after that I present the measurement results as well. Lastly in the final chapter I review the the measurement results and the experiences I gained during the work.


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