Design of Flyback SMPS for inverter applications

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Farkas Balázs
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In the introduction, set goals are being presented, how the assignment integrates to the deed-orientated emerging education approach.

In the second part, power supplies are briefly introduced, and how they can be grouped by conversion type or implementation principle.

In the third part the flyback-topology electrical energy converters’ operation and properties are discussed.

In the fourth part, main equations and relationships are uncovered through calculations conducted for an unspecific model.

In the fifth part, the verification and documentation of previously calculated results is done with a simulation software, than logged waveforms investigated.

In the sixth part, parameters are actualized to the applicable construction, with emphasis on some of the modelled elements.

In the seventh part, selected electronics elements are presented. The transformer is given special attention to, measuring the inductive parameters of which is essential for further calculations, however, it brought some difficulties.

The eighth and tenth chapters are maintained for the implementation and measuring of chosen elements of the design.

In the ninth part, the PCB design created with the printed circuit board planning software is exhibited.


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