Demand side management opportunities especially for industrial consumers

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Polgári Beáta
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In the next years and decades our power system will face with huge challenges. The decentralized renewable generation and the energy storage systems improve year-by-year. In the meantime, smart grids, smart meters and other smart solutions spread in the world. The devices are capable of two-way communication in real-time, thus improving the connection between the consumer and the operator of the network.

The changing roles can lead to new solutions. Since the beginning of the first power systems, the power plants are controlled to maintain the right power, frequency and voltage. In this thesis this problem is approached in a different way, whether it’s possible to involve the consumers into the control with different financial incentives. Besides comparing the different types of demand response programs I’m analysing such emerging technologies like electric vehicles and their charging.

It’s important to note that with the use of demand side management the security of power supply and the energy efficiency can be improved, thus the costs can be reduced. The industrial companies used to trade with greater quantity of energy, so they’re handled separately in the electricity market. More than half of the Hungarian electric energy consumption is made by them, therefore it’s reasonable to examine that the demand side management will spread faster here.


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