Study of earthing systems

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Dr. Ladányi József
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Electricity is one of the most basic energy sources of our time. Electricity generation, distribution and consumption must meet a number of requirements to ensure protection against electric shock, human life and equipment safety.

In my thesis I deal with these requirements. I am referring to the relevant standards, including the changes of documents in recent years. I present the change of approach which concerns the design process of the earthing systems.

I also deal with simulation software that are now indispensables in engineering practice. I perform an analysis study on an earthing grid of a real substation and on a transmission line tower to identify the potential distribution, touch and step voltages during phase-to-earth fault. This is preceded by the presentation of the software and the definition of the voltage limits that can guarantee safe operation.

The standards required to complete this task and the XGSLab electromagnetic simulation software were provided by the University.


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