Development of a ground control station software for autonomous mobile vehicles in iOS environment

OData support
Belső Zoltán
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The usage of the autonomous flying robots, also known as UAVs, both professional and hobby ways are getting more well-known. To make an UAV able to fly independently it requires two crucial software, an autopilot on the vehicle and a ground control station or more assumed GCS.

In my thesis I’m developing a mobile control system on iOS in swift language for fixed-wing aircrafts for the Department of Networked Systems and Services. The aim of the project is to plan, implement and create a test environment for a so called pocket control system. This system that existing and has been developed by AMORES Robotics. By my premise the reader gains a more detailed picture of the structure of the UAVs and their software, protocols and laws and more importantly the past year’s planning and developing process.


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