Establishing aspects of underground service connection

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Dr. Ladányi József
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My thesis is about the establishment procedure of underground power cables, which connects the new customers to the low voltage distribution system. I studied a case where the existing distribution system is capable to fulfill the new demand, so no system upgrade is necessary.

The thesis contains three main parts. In the first part, I present the DSO’s procedure from the connection request - which is submitted by the customer - to the actual establishment, when the cable is laid down and the customer is connected to the distribution system. The second part is about the regulations and standards concerning this procedure. I explain a few standards, and essential laws or regulations for the process, which we need to apply on a day to day basis. Other, non-indispensable regulations are only mentioned in the thesis. In the third part, I demonstrate how this all works in reality. I selected a specific job and guide the reader through all the stages of the establishment procedure, which was discussed earlier in the first part of the thesis in general. After this, I show you a few special jobs, which were unique and somehow different from the normal process, therefore it can be used for learning, and it can also cause further simplification of the processes in the future for a more efficient workflow.


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