Creating a fluid simulation based painting software for Android

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Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The topic of my thesis is planning and implementing an application based on fluid simulation on Android platform. Simulating the realistic movement of the fluid-like materials needs a lot of computing, but if we would like to achieve accurate results, we have to work with the original movement equations. The range of the fluid-like moving phenomena is relatively wide, such naturally the fluid, but the clouds, smoke-like gases, and even the fire can be included here. In the real-time graphics there are more working methods to calculate the fluid simulation with convenient time, and because of this, these phenomena can be displayed physically correct even in game software. The one that uses a grid based method is very popular, because it can be efficiently parallelized, so on the modern graphic cards it can be implemented very well. This is the reason, why this is the basic example of the general-purpose graphical programming.

During my thesis, I learned about the grid based fluid simulation and I used it, to make an interactive painting application. The goal of the software is entertaining, to make interesting pictures with physical simulation. I have targeted the Android operating system, which natural input devices (touchscreen, sensors), and comfortable usage is perfectly suiting my needs. With the improvement of the mobile devices, an opportunity occurred for general-purpose graphic programming, which seems an important development area in the future.

In my thesis I will present the equations of fluid movements and the basics of its grid based solution and opportunities for general-purpose computations on graphics processing units in Android environment with Open GL ES. I needed to integrate interactive functions in the entertaining application, which can be used to create interesting, exciting, and spectacular pictures. I needed to make a suitable graphical interface for the functions, to make them easy to use.


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