Flow Mobility support in PMIPv6

OData support
Dr. Bokor László
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Beside the increasing number of mobile devices, the devices has wide functionalities not just browsing, chat, downloading big files, sharing photos and videos they are using real-time solutions like voice and video streams as well. These functions have different requirements and quality of service needs. Most of the mobile nodes (smartphones, tablets, etc.) can use cellular networks as well as Wi-Fi hotspots. In overlapping radio coverage areas, there is a need to handle different dataflows with different interfaces, this way the load can be lifted from cellular networks and a better user experience can be achieved (Wi-Fi offloading).

In this document I would like to introduce a protocol extension – Flow Mobility - based on Proxy Mobile IPv6, which is capable of solving the requirements stated above. I extended a former INET/OMNeT++ modell, so the modell can serve mobile nodes using flow mobility. Based on simulations, I can deduce the expansion of the protocol in real circumstances.


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