Implementation of a process control model using SIMATIC BATCH based on COMOS process diagrams

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The COMOS designing system is a modular, database based software. Its basic idea is that an automation system's all plans (mechanical, electronic, automation etc.) are gathered in one database which can be an excellent base for efficient planning and plant lifecycle management.

Siemens’s latest distributed control system is the SIMATIC PCS7 which can be used as solution for the biggest automation challenges. It is ideal basis for a cost-efficient implementation of process automation systems.

The aim of my thesis is to introduce both systems through designing a process automation model. My goal is to create an integrated solution through which I can introduce the strong points of both systems and point out the possibilities.

In the first part of my thesis I introduce the basics and the structure of COMOS and the concept of the planning. In the next part of my thesis I give a detailed explanation of FEED and P&ID modules.

After describing the process model I make the FEED and the P&ID plans. In order to achieve an integrated solution I create a few new functions with the help of scripts.

Based on the P&ID module I generate the PCS7 project, then I configure it. Part of the task is a WinCC visualization and recipe control with SIMATIC Batch.

At the end of my thesis I summarize the results and I explore the possible future improvements.


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