Process controlling and production monitoring software development for the FESTO MS air preparation series

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In the recent years the industrial companies used different systems to reduce the production time, cost, monitor processes and production verification to eliminate customer complaints.

The paper gives an introduction to the currently used process controlling and production monitoring systems and analyses their utility to discover the reasons why the companies use them. After this, the following chapters contain the process controlling and production monitoring software development documentation and at the end a summary and evaluation.

The developed software shows visual informations (2D, 3D and text) about the currently assembled MS air preparation product for the operators and uses a pick-to-light system to show the positions of the required parts and at the end of the process verifies the product with its unique product key.

Using the Pick-to-Light system the assembling process could be faster and because of the product key verifying the rate of the combination assembly succes could be monitored which is the main important part of the industy 4.0.

In the documentation the Reader can gain knowledge about the used protocols, softwares, technics and also the reasons and solutions of the encountered problems.


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