Design of a process control system for operating a mini Stirling engine power plant

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Dr. Hamar János Krisztián
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Striling engine systems are becoming more wide spread nowadays as they are able to recover waste heat produced due to the inefficiency of traditional equipment and turn it to electrical power. The importance of supervision, controlling and automation of such systems is increasing, since stable and effective operation is the key for widening the fields of application.

A PLC based controlling and monitoring system and its operational software was designed and evaluated during the project. The main task of this set-ups to and supervise the operation of the Stirling engine, and inform the user about the functional parameters. The user can customize the process parameters on the human-machine interface of the realized software, thus the program can be easily adapted for the control and monitoring of other similar Stirling-engine systems.

This thesis gives an overview about the history, construction and operational principles of the Stirling engines. It presents a complex Stirling engine system focusing on the sensor setup and control electronics necessary for parameter supervision and safe operation.


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