Virtual commissioning of process control system

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Dr. Csubák Tibor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Although, the improvement of the industrial process control systems in order to make the production better is an important task, in case of a functioning factory the implementation of the development is difficult, leads to loss of profit, and even can be dangerous. Nevertheless, the mentioned problems would be avoided with the help of virtual commissioning. A significant time can be saved with the parallelism of planning, developing, commissioning and testing processes, and what is more, the risk of injury can be decreased as well during the testing process regarding the employees and the used tools.

The Siemens provides both hardware and software equipments for commissioning. The functioning of the filed devices in real time can be emulated with SIMBA hardware, while by means of the SIMIT software a simulation can be made for a given control, so due to it, even a whole factory’s virtual model can be built. Besides SIMIT, the Process Simulator is another simulation software, it can be applied as an alternative solution, I studied this program as well, and also used it in the project.

During the practical part of my thesis I planned and also made a test environment belonging to a functioning process control system, as well as I implemented the virtual commissioning of the system by means of simulation software.

The process control project to be simulated is produced in multistation, moreover, the stations connecting to the simulation are also parts of the test environment; therefore, the system is made up of more computer systems, from which some of them are produced virtually. In order to use it, I examined the theory of the virtual computers and its evolving opportunities.


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