Process control system based on .NET Framework supporting IT systems planning and design of large enterprise environments

OData support
Dr. Varjasi István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In order to protect the consumers health, the pharmaceutical and the food industry requires highly strict quality control. These requirements basically affects the industrial IT systems that supports produce, research, and storing processes. The longest period of the industrial IT system’s lifecycle -in lucky case- is the operational period, when the reliable operation that reached during the design, development, installation and testing, has to be continously provided. The task of the operation is generally to ensure the maintenance and service management, the inventory and configuration data management, the change control, the incident control, the business continuity and the periodic review as well. In large enterprise enviromnents there usually exists IT systems, which supports the mentioned functions. Typically there is no unified system, which could ensure the whole operation task support based on individual system’s information.

During my thesis work I developed a system that provides the incident handling in operational phase. The application primarily makes opportunity for the company workers to notify incidents. The system administrators categorize and make priority in notified incidents, and the workers can see the solving process. The notified incidents are traceables, and statistical datas can be created from it.


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