Continuous playback support on low performance hardware with Android OS

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In this thesis I’m going to find a solution that lets users with low performance devices enjoy the comfort of a media center – and specially Kodi – on a hardware that has an unsupported hardware decoder.

After explaining the problem, I would like to introduce my solution to it as an Android application. We are going to follow the project’s life from the drawing board to the implementation. During the whole document I’m trying to concentrate on the problems and ideas, instead of explaining all the source code.

Through the application we are going to meet Kodi, we will see why it is one of the most successful media center nowadays. Naturally, we are going to take a look at it as a developer, and work with its API. After that we are going to use it to start our application.

In the end I’m going to run a few functionality tests on the application’s most important duties, as well as checking the performance of them. After all it will be easy to make a conclusion about whether I reached my goal.


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